You can print from a laptop using our wireless printing utility. You can find the utility at

Printing from a Laptop

  1. Open the printing utility.
  2. Enter a “Name” in the User Info box.
  3. Either paste the URL (http://…) of the webpage or upload the file you want to print in the Select Document box.
  4. Click the arrow button at the bottom of the page.
  5. On the next screen, chose your printing options, such as the number of copies. Click the arrow button to continue.
  6. The printing utility will then count the number of pages and give you a price. Click the green printer button to print.
  7. Your print job will then show as “processing.” After a few moments, you will see a confirmation that your print job has been processed.
  8. Go to the print station in the library to release and pay for your print job.  You will find it under the name you provided in the User Info box.  Black and white prints are $0.10 a page.

Printing from a Mobile Device

To print an email message or attachment from a mobile device, simply forward/send your email to

You will be sent a release code for the email message and each attachment. Use these release codes to retrieve your documents.  Email forwarding is ideal for online email portals such as Yahoo!, Hotmail or Google Mail.



Online Resources

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